JOE & Anna LEE

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Joe: Married

Location: Millbrae/San Mateo

What fruit of the Spirit are you currently working on?

Joe: Love is listed first in the fruits for good reason. It’s among the most challenging yet rewarding. I decided this year to say yes to almost everything asked when I wanted to say no for ministry. I’m learning that each yes becomes less begrudging with time, prayer, and genuine love. Even the smallest things done in obedience, God uses for His glory. Love takes tireless practice and work, but the process produces a shepherd’s heart that the world will see. I’m reminded by the Apostle Paul that hope, faith, and love last forever but the greatest of these is love.

Anna: I try to consistently pray for all the fruits of the Spirit everyday because realistically, they all need work. When I inspect my walk with God, I can see the different seasons He led me through. Each season tests, stretches, and strengthens a different fruit in ways I didn't know was possible. So it's difficult for me to answer what fruit He's pruning in me for this season, because more often than not, I don't realize the change until I look back and see how I've grown. As hard as the process can be, He redeems all things for His purpose.